About Us


Our Philosophy


We hold our vision in creating and operating a business group of global diversity, we nurture relationships, impart team spirit and promote the value of human excellence.


We focus primarily on the different sector in which our team has diversified itself over the time, we discover and build a new world which is filled with the best solutions and possibilities for all of our business associates.

Today, we can proudly say that the roots of our group is highly important than ever for all of our customers and members. We focus on work hard every moment in all of our markets to stand with our promise. We function with exactly the same level of respect and integrity. The reason of our immense success is because of our head strong and meticulously esteemed values with which the group continues to make a difference in the lives of all of our customers, members and employees.

Our Values

We highly respect our relationships with our employees, suppliers and customers. Every time we do business, we realize, respect and value the different cultures, lifestyles, practices, and interests of all of our associates.

We always value our commitments highly and hence stick to our promises. We strongly believe in dealing honestly with customers, employees and suppliers. We firmly believe in representing our Integrity at all times.

Whenever we as Chandra group involve in any kind of business anywhere we make sure that we help the local economy, provide training, create jobs and fight all types of exclusion. We apply and carry out fair trade practices by the promotion of the idea of sharing our values. We also convey strong solidarity within our group and its members, regardless of our business, function or banner.

We believe in thinking big and aiming highest. We strongly support growth and the development of new technologies to cater to the needs of people. As continuous leaders, we readily accept and embrace change. We also encourage innovation from our employees and associates.

We empower our knowledge and strengths to create value for our customers, employees, shareholders, partners and suppliers.

We completely accept the consequences of our actions to our customers, company, employees, institutions and the environment. We encourage all of our employees to take better initiatives and we also prioritize on giving them the freedom to act freely and have the responsibility of individual entrepreneurs.