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Welcome to Chandra Group

The Group hails from a small town called Falna in District Pali, Rajasthan, where it started its business in 1961. In 1991, Mr. Lalit Dhoka, the M.D of Chandra Group, moved to Jaipur for expanding his business. He started with a small time dealership of electronic goods and later became distributor of multiple Electronics Brands.

After strengthening it's foothold in the electronic industry, a decade later the group started rolling out it's diversification plans into many different sectors. It started with Advertising, Event Management and went on to add Hospitality, Communication, Real Estate, Health and Fitness, Software and IT Solutions.

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The Origin

Chandra group has grown as one of India’s leading retail distribution group.

Our Sectors

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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  • Paul KochOver the past 46 years, Chandra group has grown to become one of the India’s leading retail distribution group.
  • The journey to perfection started in 1961 in the trade of electronics. Later, as the business scaled new heights, the company diversified into various sectors And soon became one of indIa's largest electronic.

    Since then there has been progressive growth for Chandra Group it has earned an unmatched reputation in the industry.