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Coming from one of the most trustworthy names in the business, Chandra group proudly presents you Chandra Galaxy. It is a strategy which every person who is involved in dealing of electronics since last five years can join and flourish. Forget your worries and prepare yourself to grow your business. Expand your venture and cater all the major brands under a single roof and get opportunities to get all the latest products in your showroom without any worries. Spread out your market with free promotion of your business with us. Offer easy financing facilities to all your customers and provide them with a positive experience every time they come to you. Join hands with us to see best growth opportunities being available to you.

 We at Chandra take pride in providing excellent work opportunities to all of our partners and we have made the same as the motto of the group. We hold our vision in creating and operating a business group which has global diversity, we nurture relationships, impart team spirit and promote the value of human excellence. The reason of our immense success is because of our head strong and meticulously esteemed values with which the group continues to make a difference in the lives of all of our customers, members and employees