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When we opened our doors in 1999, it was our aim to create the type of integrated agency that a client would want to work with - strategic, full of energy, wildly commercial, easy to work with, packed With a creative and the ability to make 'it' happen fast. One that would help them grow.

Today, we haven't lost any of the youthful enthusiasm that We had with us when we launched our venture. And we're now rated amongst the best in the industry, and have proved to be one of the most effective agencies in the business - making big things happen with large budgets and small, for consumer and business products, services and brands.

We come with top agency experience, through which we challenge perceptions, question assumptions, we are relentlessly easy to work with and we give our clients mouthwatering results and value for money.

Creativity: We work hard to understand your organisation and objectives before presenting our strategy and ideas. This understanding gives us the background we need to present innovative, considered and realistic work. There's no set approach or production line templating.

Pragmatism: Clients often compliment us on our straightforward approach. Some of the work we produce is complicated, but we make every effort to ensure that you understand exactly what you are getting. Only then can you gauge whether or not our recommendations are appropriate.

Pro-activity and a long-term view: Some of our client relationships go back over ten years, something we're really pleased about. The longer we know a client, the better we understand them. And the better we understand them, the easier it is for us to work pro-actively, making suggestions whenever appropriate. This approach works - the majority of our new business comes from referrals by existing clients.

Experience: We've been in the communications business for over 10 years and have experience in almost every sector. This experience gives us valuable insight that we can pass on to you, achieving your goals through well conceived and measurable products. We've worked hard to refine our internal processes. This means you get what you need fast and without any fuss.

Independence and flexibility: We're truly independent with no external investors to please. This means realistic pricing and a working approach that evolves as rapidly as your business changes.

Services provided by Chandra Trio

  • Innovative Marketing
  • Print Advertising
  • Electronics Advertising
  • Events, Inhabitation, Stall Decoration
  • Marketing Research and Consultancy

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