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Perwa Leopard Den

Perwa Leopard den is a adventure wildlife resort which is packed with adventures, live interactions with wild life, wild life safaris, once in a life time experiences which is situated in the beautiful and ecstatic location near Falna railway station. Sitting majestically surrounded by hills and mountains from all sides the resort naturally falls in a place which is gifted with different species of animals such as leopards, crocodiles and different migratory birds during different times of the year.

The resort is in close proximity to many popular tourist spots such as the Jawai Dam at a distance of 30 minutes, Ranakpur jain temple at 45 minutes, Kumbalgarh fort at 75 minutes, a popular tribal village at 45 minutes and Falna railway station at 10 minute distance by car. At our resort we provide different adventures like migratory bird and crocodile spotting. The resort gets its name due to the area being popular with leopards and their sightings. The union of metal and canvas form the backbone of the design, taking our leopard den into a space away from traditional materials which have been over used to a very large extent in resorts of the similar theme.