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MD's Message

We prize honesty and integrity

I believe that success comes to those who have a broad vision and courage to venture into unexplored areas. Those individuals get the fruits of being the leaders. With this mantra we have been able to make Chandra Group a house hold name.

Responsible action is in the heart and soul in d way we do business at Chandra. Leading business house in the market today, we an important role in day to day life of our customers we value each individual. We believe in not doing business for mere transactions and games of numbers but we create relations.

As a pioneer of innovation, our diversified segments always offer best quality services and products of this generation and beyond. We have a responsibility towards all our customers, employees, suppliers and local communities and we are committed to make a positive contribution throughout all of our actions and Operations.

Our group is a family and I am proud of our employees and our well wishers who have helped us in rising against all the challenges and hardships that we have faced. They were, are and will always be our backbone and I am grateful for their passion, commitment and always believing that their growth is the Group's growth.

Lalit Dhoka
Managing Director,
Chandra Group, India.